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Concrete Jungle

Hey guys,

I enjoy editing photos so this class was definately one of my favourites! I know this photo looks abit simple but I chose to edit this photo because I liked the contrast between the surrounding concrete, wood and the plants growing inbetween the rocks on the ground. 



In RAW I found this photo to be pale and lacking in life because the green in the plants looked very dull. 



I used lightroom to edit and maxed out -100 on the highlights because I wanted to enhance detail around the shadows of the concrete wall on the bottom. I also liked how it darkened the uneveness of the cement colouring. By doing that it hardened the photo up because I wanted to create a contrast between stone and the plants. I also decreased the shadow so the edges of the photo became a little darker. I wanted to focus on the colour of the rocks with the cement and the green of the grass.

This photo had alot of rocks in it so I wanted to enhance the detail so I upped the clarity so all the definition around the rocks definately went sharper. I pulled the vibrance all the way down and the saturation way up to get the green and bits of brown to really stand out and the grey to enhance.



Here I increased the green hue and saturation to deepen it for a richer tone of green. I wanted a jungle type green, the type of green where you can find in rich dense forests.

Thank you to anyone who's browsing through my project!


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