ConcertBundle: Season Tickets for All Live Music

Name: Concert Bundle

Summary: Concert Bundle is the way to discover and see more live music for less.  Season tickets for Rock/Pop/HipHop/EDC concerts, by city, venue or band.

Biggest Problem: How to convince venues/bookers/bands to use the platform.

MVP: Simple landing page web site (http://www.concertbundle.com)
and on-line survey (http://survey.concertbundle.com)
to track interest and capture contact information for followup.

Please visit our MVP and Survey!

Skillshare Project Notes
Describe your startup in one sentence:
  • X for Y: Concert Bundle is X for live concerts and local live music
  • Elevator Pitch: Concert Bundle is the way to plan ahead and see more live local music for less.
  • What problem are you trying to solve?  Missing a live band or concert and not being able to plan your local live music schedule 3 to 6 months ahead.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Landing Page & Survey

Initial Goals:

  1. 100 email addresses
  2. 10 beta users
  3. 1 Venue to participate


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