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Concert Photobook

UPDATE: 29/05/2015

No one seems to be around here anymore, but I still wanted to update my project. I made a few changes and this is the final result.

And a Gdrive link to see the pdf file




For this project I decided to make a Concert Photobook, and since my favorite concert pictures I've taken are from the Jake Bugg's concerts I've attended, even if the quality is not good, I decided to make it about this concert. To add text I decided to use lyrics from the songs he played at the show.

This is the link to the finished project:

I wanted to keep it simple, but I'm afraid it might be too simple. And I'm not 100% sure about the Drop Cap, or about it being in a Slab font.

The size of the photobook is half-letter.

Please leave some feedback.

Thank you.


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