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Concept sketching

The photo thing is confusing me, so I'm doing this as a test to see if it'll work and what I need to change.

however, in the unlikely result that it works and I won't wanna edit anything, this is the concept sketching I did, and I numbered them so I could remember some random facts that came into my brain for me about the creatures. 

1: I think I'm going to call it a Sea Mammoth. It'll probably live in the bottom of the sea, possibly omnivorus, but slow as hell, so it will usually eat thost tube thingies and the occaisional fish, and algae is a yummy treat for the behemouth. 

2: Butcher Sea Snake. A predator that's very quick. the spines on the back of the animal are a defense mechanism/tool for killing their prey. When they find food (like a mammoth), they dash toward it, and rather than wrap about their prey like a python, they slide right beside it, only close enough for the spines to penetrate the prey's skin.. they continue the tactic until either the prey bleeds to death or if a big chunk happens to slice off, and will eat the chunk and leave the rest of the animal be. However, occaisonally they'll travel in groups, and if caught up in a feeding frenzy, will turn a mammoth into shish-kebab and devour it in under four minutes. 

3. I haven't decided on a name yet, but it kind of reminds me of one of those prehistoric plesiosaurs that eventually evolved into crocodiles. 

4. Dwarf Drake. A tiny, flightless dragon that is seen around volcanic areas. Very skiddish creatures, they'll usually run away from humans, but if threatened, they'll release a stream of fire. While it can severely burn the victim, it's meant more to be a flash of bright light to disorient the attacker, allowing the drake to dash away. However, there are a few incidents where a person is able to "tame" a drake, and the trainers say they're more like cats. Cold-blooded, spazzy, fire-breathing, cats. 

5. Tank fish. While not that big, a tank fish is heavily armoured, and can sustain quite a lot of damage. However, there are a few predators that can crush through the armour, such as the sea mammoth. Butcher snakes can eat them too, but prefer softer meat that isn't covered by the hard armour. 

6. not sure. maybe a dragon head? I kinda drew it, liked it, but I don't know what to do with it XD


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