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Concept Art: Dragon types - Colouring sketches


Edited 05/02/2014 ~

Well It has been a long time since a I post my last work. I took a 1month trip to malaysia so I was not able to draw my concepts. I leave you my 2nd finished concept! 

Dragon Type: Earth/ Divine 
Personality: Pacific. Is consider servants of the highest divine dragons who takes care nature and other small animals including other type of dragons.
Habitat: Mountains, Deep forests and old Temples.
Powers: Divine Defences and gives peace to others dragons. 


Edited 30/12/2013 ~


Well I was making a colouring practice with the first dragon.
The dragon concept is a earth-pacific/avenger dragon.
This one, I wanted to express most of it as a "big plant covered dragon".

I wanted to know, if colours are fine or it needs something more to look better. Andrew what do you think about it? I will be waiting for your advices so I can continue with the rest of them ^-^!



Edited 29/12/2013 ~

Well these are the final sketchs for my dragon concepts ^-^!

I tried to apply all the qualities I choose in the brainstorming in different dragon type.
Also I make the effort to match each personality to the sketch concept.
Hope you like it! ^^


Thumbnails Design 

Edited 27/12/2013 ~

Hello everyone! After finding some time after christmas celebrations, I got time to finish my thumbnails based on the research I made in the last step. 

These are the thumbnails that I drew ^^~ Hope you like them :D


Hello everyone ^^! I started a little bit late cause of the end of curses at college~

I'll follow this class with a dragon too, cause is one of my favourite type of monster. 
My concept would be kind of 'semi-realistic' looking monster, trying to save all real characteristics of what a monstar can be and the the other part that make this work kind of, you know... unreal haha.. :D

I Started with the elemental part, also, basing elemental characteristics I start searching for which kind of color tones or textures would be better to apply in my work making a reasearch. 

After making tones and texture research from each element part, i move to the second part, the physical one taking one picture of the animal references that I will use. .

Now, in the personality brainstorming, I tryied to search the basic characteristics of the personalities that Ill apply to my work.

And finally, I worked the last brainstorming parts just in a basic way.

Ill continue with the next part :D! ~ 


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