Concentrate on a task for longer than 1 minute! | Skillshare Projects

Mike Schreurs

A creative Videographer looking for a path.



Concentrate on a task for longer than 1 minute!


I am a creative and I am suffering under my projects. See I like to create things mainly in video and my lack of organization when it comes to tasks has hampered my productivity. I don't know how I got here but I am ready to leave and start getting things done.

Currently I use OmniFocus 2 on the Mac and iPhone as my inbox of task and I have been using Evernote for years to capture referrences. This is Week 1

In this week I hope to see a noticeable shift or difference in the amount of work I am putting out.


Week 2 has been amazing. I started to get the hang of adding everything into my inbox and then working off of it top down. I started cruising through my list. Using OmniFocus 2 I started using Contexts which created orgranized lists for me like @Work or @Personal To Do. Now I am at work trying to find work to do! I think I have improved at least 100% productivity already.


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