Comprehensive Character Attribute Form

Comprehensive Character Attribute Form - student project

Character's name:  Protagonist

David Harrison

Goal:  To help his son prove his innocence 

Flaw: Left his family when his son Brad was 9, hates ppl who are incompetent or question his ability as a lawyer

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Height: 5ft. 9

Weight: 150

Race: White

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes: Green

Grooming: Clean cut, shaven, fit (works out and has an ego about his muscles)

Clothing: Only Brand name

Health issues: Only Mental}  Feels guilty for leaving his wife and son when his son was 9

Physical abilities: Athletic, Very active, does not like to be home always out doing something active

Speech (accent): No accent but Strong spoken, clear, precisive

Parents: None-distanced himself from his dad and mom is deceased

Siblings: May have a brother (this is a story I wrote in my early 20's and now I am in my  late 40's. The story started out that he is an only child and single but now I'm thinking he may have a younger, irresponsible brother or sister.

Friends:  Co-workers, no social outlet but bars to seek out women

Best friend (or person closest to): His friend from high school, works with the same law firm

Least favorite people: His boss and the homeless guy who hangs out where his building lives, asks him for money every day


his ex wife



Residence: High-rise, 10th story apartment building

Neighborhood: unsure yet

Cultural background: white

Schooling: unsure yet

Attitude toward school: Has adhd throughout school, he never took medicine.  Dealt with this medical issue he considered nuisance

Popularity: He is not popular except in media

Mentors: Best friend

Heroes: his grandpa, he went to war

Favorite sports: Swimming, likes solitude

Work experience: Started out as an intern in law firm since high school has been there ever since

Hobbies: likes to shoot guns has a small collection of them

Likes and dislikes (music, movies, tv, books, etc.)

Only reads old fashioned paper, has an old Bible passed down from family member to family member

does not like chick flicks, will only watch them to have sex with a women

watches about famous cases and studies them or reality cop shows

Fears: Being a failure and broke

Dreams: Will never admit this to anyone but dreams of becoming part of a family again (wants to be loyal to a wife and have more kids)

Life goals: wishes to travel the sea alone and retire early

Nervous habits: shakes his right leg and clears his throat


Reasoning Style:

How would your character's friends describe her or him? Best friend says: He plays off as if he has no heart but if you knew him since high school, you would see it's all just an act.

Is your character shy or bold?

very bold-keeps his life very private since he is in the media a lot

Is your character talkative or tacitum? Talkative only about cases 

What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character? Women who cry irritates him, his brother embarrasses him, chick flicks bore him will only see one to score

How would your character complete the sentence:

My life is_______} NORMAL.

Other things I thought of while filling out this form:

Who is his brother, why did he come up now when the story was written years ago and back then he had NO FAMILY.  NOW HE HAS A FAMILY AND THIS IS ALL NEW TO ME.