Composition - student project


Photo 1:Taken in the morning on a popular Mexico´s park 

I think here I have a subtle leading line on the road ,also works for me as a foreground , Persons silhouttes (also trees silhouttes) created by the background....

Composition - image 1 - student project 

Photo 2 & 3 : Took also in the morning in an alley in Mexico's Downtown

Also I saw subtle leading lines that leads to the silhoutte guy....

Composition - image 2 - student project

Photo 3

Composition - image 3 - student project

Photo 4: Took out of a Church in Mexico's Downtown , as soon as this Lady saw me taking photos she turns and I think thanks to that I got this photo...

I see here , rule of thirds, the pattern created by the curve shadows on the background, some vertical lines , but what I like the most is the subject isolated by the contrast on her red cape...

Composition - image 4 - student project

WEEK 2 - Geometry

Frank...I made some changes as you suggest ... what you think?

Convert to BW windows photo and crop photo3 ...

Composition - image 5 - student project

Composition - image 6 - student project

Photo 1

This is from a famous park in Mexico City and I liked how the sun draw shadows on the columns, floor etc... it's a combination of different kind of lines but I think they look harmonic....

Composition - image 7 - student project

Photo 2:

Taken from different buildings on Mexico´s downtown.

Composition - image 8 - student project

The tower on the background used to be for many years the tallest building in Mexico....and I liked the contrast between very old building and a newer one...

More photos...

Composition - image 9 - student project

Lines in a more abstract way......maybe?

Composition - image 10 - student project

Photo 3 : Leading Lines

This was from a very tight street and I liked how the buildings and mainly the street leads to the end of the street building (windows)...

Composition - image 11 - student project