Week 2

A walk through Central Park

Finally we had a great day of sun and relatively warm weather in New York so I though central park would be a great place to take pictures for module 2

The shadow created by the trees here cuaght my eye

Being a warm day, there were a lot of people in the park. I waited a while to get a clean shot of the columns but finally had to take it with the couple as there was barely a moment when someone else wasnt clicking  or admiring the beautiful ceiling

This shot was hard as the skater here was moving very fast between the cups. 

The roof beams created a very interesting pattern

Week 1

For the most part, I have tried to stick to the rules and apply the Golden ratio and RoT in most of my pictures. Being an amateur photographer, I can already see a huge difference in my pictures just by applying what was discussed in the video.

Frame within a Frame

I was attempting the fore-mid-background effect here but I guess the shot was taken too close

RoT & Golden Ratio

I was really fascinated by the effect created by the support beams leading upto the flag


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