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Lesson 3: Putting It All Together

Skyline - I liked the diagonal the buildings made, and that they contrasted so much with the brighter sky.

Sunrise - I tried to get a little bit of everything in this one: leading lines, silhouette, and thirds.

Window - I liked the silhouette on the this one as well as how the verticals framed the subject

Exhibit - I was mostly trying to capture the symmetry of the displays in this one.

Curtains - Focusing on the silhouette and symmetry on this one.

Lesson 2: Geometry

Shelter - focusing on symmetry & got lots of intersecting horizontals and verticals

Pipes - flattened the perspective and really liked the diagonal that the pipes make on their own.

Pipes 2 - just changed my angle to see how it changed the lines for the same subject.

Trail - The boardwalk made for easy leading lines to the vanishing point. I also thought the trees on either side work well as framing verticals

Waterfall - I used the rock stratification as leading lines in towards the waterfall. 

Here's my week 1 picks.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

Shipping door - I put the door in the top/right 3rd intersection and used the puddle reflection as a big foreground, but had a little trouble getting depth between the stairs/rail and the brick to make a true mid & back. 

Riverwalk - Going for the frame, this was an actual iron doorframe along the Chicago river. I was a little too close to get the full frame in the foreground, but stopped all the way up to increase the contrast between the subject & background.

Photo room - Becky is pretty centered here, but I was trying to go big with the foreground/background.

Diagonals - Tried to keep it simple here and focus solely on the thirds & ratio. 

Blue Line - I tried to take up 2/3 of the photo with the rails leaving the last 1/3 for people. Used the platform as my foreground and the tunnel as my background. 


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