Susana Sugume




Composition with a lot of elements


I have an old illustration I did at University some time ago. It's a game called "Trinomio" (Character - Object - Scene) and consists to get three random words and do an illustration. My words were Goblin - Spaceship - Teachers' room. I tried different options but I never got a good composition, maybe there are a lot of elements.

So it will be a challenge for me to try to improve the composition design and obtain a stronger illustration.

Step 1 - Original artwork:

(I upload black and white versions because I focus better on the composition)

First old attempt:


Second old attempt:


I think there's something that doesn't work in both attempts.

Step 2 - Techniques:

Ok, I will focus on the techniques: Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odds, Lines and Shapes, Cropping and Overlapping and maybe also Rhythm and Repetition. We will see!

Step 3 - Redraw the artwork:

Well, I did some sketches of the composition and I tried to apply the Rule of Thirds, Lines and Shapes and Cropping and Overlapping.

I removed some elements like the bulletin board because I feel lost with so many elements.

I tried to do use of horitzontal and diagonal lines to guide the view. And I cropped the human characters a little in Option 2.


Option 1 / Option 2:


maybe this one?



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