Composition - confinement in Paris

Composition - confinement in Paris - student project

Hello! Thanks for the very clear introduction to composition!

You'll find hereunder the two first assignments of the course, one after the other. Third and last in process ;)


Aiming to work on my photography skills during confinement seamed a bit tricky at first, but I settled on trying to find photo opportunities in this small space I've now been occupying 24/7 on the past 17 days. Without moving a thing, just like when I visit a place.

My personal challenge for this series of photographs: will I manage to get in the frame these bits and pieces my eyes catch every day that make me like that place?

My challenge for this course: be a bit more worthy of the Lumix GX9 I bought almost two years ago :)


#1 - Chimneys 

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 1 - student project

I like rooftop views. There is something organic about them: both very organized and geometric and somewhat random at the same time. Focusing on the chimney detail and placing it as suggested, helped me compose that picture I have been wondering how to land for ages. I also used the brick wall to contrast and let the eyes focus on the details. 


#2 - Socialy distanced grocery shoping

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 2 - student project

Another work on positioning, trying to catch that bird-eye view on the side walk, mixing stillness and occasional proofs of life.


#3 - Have a drink...

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 3 - student project

The perfect occasion to play with fore / mid / backgrounds while capturing the projection of the window through the water bottle. (PS: yes water is very hard in Paris...)


#4 - ... or two

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 4 - student project

Framing the picture allowed me to integrate it better in its environment and not just make this a photograph of a silkscreen printing but more the experience of an appartment - or so I wish. It almost seams to forgive the reflexion in the glass.


#5 - Framing the next holidays

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 5 - student project

Invitation to travel while being stuck at home. Working on frames and the frame seemed to be waiting for me.




Still confined home for this second part of the course. Many thanks for the very constructive comments on the first part! 

More shots of the views from my windows here, as light and shades seemed like good opportunities to work on lines. 


#6 - Twin buildings

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 6 - student project

Spotted the sun casting a geometrical scene right on the neighbor building, playing between symmetry and asymmetry.


#7 - Walking out in the heat

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 7 - student project

Giving life to this old advert poster for Egyptian railways, the morning sun both divides and opens the frame. The characters seem to go out in the heat more than ever.


#8 - Neighbors?

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 8 - student project

Rooftop on the other side of the street. Again, the sun playing with the geometry of the building, highlitghting verticals while creating new oblics. 


#9 - Diving in

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 9 - student project

Going back to the shelf to try a new angle and setup inviting the viewer in that lagoon.


#10 - La grande dame

Composition - confinement in Paris - image 10 - student project

Will I manage to transcribe that feeling you have when you can peek at the Eiffel Tower over the roofs?...