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Composition and grids

Hi, I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator and I'm new here, this is my firt class in Skillshare :)

Here's some images I found interesting and tried to understand a little of how they were composed:

ST. NICHOLAS (1800's)

I find very interesting how the diagonal text goes with the arms and beard of the guy. I think that it makes a pretty strong composition.

MARTINI & ROSSI (1920´s)

As in the previous image, but maybe a little more subtle, the text appear to respond to a curve determined by the illustration.

GANGLOFF (1920´s)


Palmolive (1950's)

In the 50's we see more rigid grids, images and text by separate. I think they became a little less experiemental, I mean, the advertising take a huge increasement in this decade, so maybe the image-making process became standard and lame. (?)

The Cheese Monkeys (1990's)

Chip Kidd makes a seemingly unbalanced layout, but it is completely proportional. I found this book cover really amazing.

I really have fun doing this exercise, I'm very excited to see where this class is going to.


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