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Composition & Lines in mind


I spent two years at art school, and while I took art photography classes, the premise was ultimately photographs did not have to be techincally correct, just interesting. I did have difficulty achieveing this, and as much as I loved taking photos, they lacked...a lot. This is my first class through Skillshare, and when I saw it, I thought it was a great way to get the technical basics e.g. composition right, and then work on the concept & context involved in the images. You gotta walk before you can run, right? I'm finding after leaving Art School, there are a few great holes in my knowledge that need filling to help my practive greatly. I did try to forget what I thought I knew about photography, and engage with it from 'new eyes'. I took a trip in Perth City, here in Western Australia, on a dreary winter afternoon, and kept looking for lines, lines, lines.

Keeping an eye on For/mid/back ground, and lines leading the eyes, I took this shot of my sons as I crouched to get level with them.

 This is the walkway at the WA Museum, again taken with for/mid/back ground in mind, and the drawing of the eye. This was cropped in Photoshop, as it included a great deal of white roof, which I liked initally. Then after using the 'rule of thirds' grid in Photoshop, and trimming it, I was suprised at how much better it looked. I told you I lack the basics!

This was a cheeky shot of a busker. I did crop this later in photoshop, again using the 'rule of thirds' grid and  I tried placing the busker & curious bystander on a intersecting line, as well as including the coloured linres/circle in the forground for interest. 

I was really taken by the idea of a 'frame within the frame' photo, and took many dismal shots in my attempts. Inside the museum, I saw the staircases forming a frame, managed to get a shot I think might work well. You can see my boots, but I think that's okay, adds interest? I played and made it B&W afterwards, I had the 'golden ratio' curve in mind, and I think the small 'frame' where the people are gathering is a little more obvious in B&W, as opposed to the 'lovely' green carpet that seemed to smother the photo.

I am quite happy with my first shots with composition forfront in my mind. I tend towards a very casual style of photo, and I am happily suprised how photos can retain this quality, and are greatly improved with some compositional knowledge. I can't wait to add some more, work on a few more, I've only uploaded 4 and I need 5 before the week's end, But I really wanted to get working on it.


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