Composition Course Week 1

dc09aae4At first I was just hoping to do a simple study of foreground, midground, background (sidewalk, bench/fence, woods). But then the trio walked into the frame. I hit the shutter right when I thought they were at the vertex of the lower third section.1f3263eaThis was an exercise in rule of thirds, placing the lion's head and the stirring pigeons at the upper left.76cf21d5This shot was an attempt at "frame within a frame." The cyclist in the mirror came was a little too small for my taste, but at least I caught him! I was also trying to place the mirror according to the "rule of thirds."665aaedeComposed along the "rule of thirds." The subject is in the midground, and the pool extends from the foreground, through the midground. The background is just a tiny sliver of scenery beyond the water habitat.52f71e6dOnce again, rule of thirds.


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