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Composition & Content

1. Fire Hydrant

So, my thinking here was that the fire hydrant being so brightly colored made a nice subject that popped out of the background. The grass makes a distinct foreground that's about 1/3 frame. The curve of the road makes an interesting background without being too distracting.  I didn't crop this picture at all.

2. Too Late

My puppy, Athena (who you'll meet in another image) was sitting ooking out the bottom of the door. She was sort of framed. Mostly I just liked the lines in the picture, plus it would have been a sweet little sillhouette. Sadly, she ran away. But since I was laying there on my tummy looking through the lens of my camera I decided to switch it to black and white and take some pictures anyway. I like how this one turned out. I didn't crop this one either.

3. Corn

I don't generally care for food pictures. I do love this bowl though and the color of the corn is so bright. I was still practicing how to focus my camera manually and I probably should have taken this picture from a wider angle since the bowl and not its contents is the intended subject. I did not crop this picture.

4. Windchime

I did crop this picture to cut out the roof of the house next door and to position the orb of the windchime in the top right. The clouds give it a cool background. I think there must have been something on my lens, not really sure what that dark spot is.

5. Athena

And here is Athena looking gorgeous. Shot this one in Black and White (did not convert it after the fact). I also did not crop this picture. When I took this picture I got right up close and focused on her face. 

That's all I have time to upload right now. I had another picture that I wasn't quite sure how to crop or if it needs cropping at all. I will post that when I get a chance. 


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