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Composition Assignments

Week 1: Thirds and Frames

1: Swan Lake

For this photo, I was focusing on the rule of thirds.  In post-processing I desaturated most of the colours, except the oranges/reds for the beak, to reduce distraction of the water in the background.

2: Gretsch

With this photo I was looking for the separation of foreground from background by using a narrow depth of field.  I also put the subject on a third line again.

3: Haunted

I've placed the subject in the right two-thirds leaving the left-hand third of the photo mostly empty.  I used two light sources to add a second shadow in the background.  I liked the way the shadows look like they are haunting this poor little guy while he's in the spotlight.

4: Look Up, Look Way Up

For this photo, I was still focused on the rule of thirds, placing the cat in the bottom third of the frame.  I liked the way the chair posts in the background form a stripe pattern behind her, in contrast to the direction she is looking. 

5: Rosie the Riveter

I liked the way the wood detailing on the cabinet door framed this mug.  So in this photo, I tried to combine the idea of finding natural frames with the rule of thirds to make the Rosie mug the subject.


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