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Jillian Doeden

Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens.



Composition Assignment 1

Hello! I'm Jill, beginner photographer,and I've just completed the intro video for lesson 1. Here's my first assignment! I've tried to accomplish everything involving the golden ratio and rules of thirds, along with emphasizing foreground, midground, and background. My 'frame within a frame' photo may or may not be exactly right, but it was a good try :) Here are the photos:

1. I used the rule of thirds to place the tacos in frame. To me, the yellow corn sticks out the most and is located at the bottom right intersection using the rule. I also really like the colors of this photo, especially the blue table.

2. This is the attempt at framing. I didn't quite know if it counted :) But I tried to frame the Donkey's eye in the fence, while placing his eye in an intersection for the rule of thirds. The fence also draws the eye toward the subject. 

3. Again, using the rules of thirds, but this time having a clear foreground (the arm and some of the back of the chair), the midground being the subject, and the background of the firepit and trees.

4. Using the lines of the shadows and the porch floor boards, I tried to draw attention to the leaf and the water droplets.The pop of green on the red boards is also really kind of cool.

5. This one is another use of showing foreground, midground, and background. I also really like the lines in the bark.

Thanks for checking out assignment 1! More to come as I finish each lesson! 


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