Light and shadow - flowers 

Contrast and curving line - folding ice

Silhouette frame  in background-leaves

Sillouette frame in foreground - Panama City 

minimalism and contrast - trees

wanted to play around with what I could do with some very simple lines. Boxes is my attempt at shooting something straight on and isolating the geometry. 'piano'focuses on the pattern of repetitive horizontal lines that create a couple of Diagonals... In flower the purple flowers seem to create a leading line that leads to the larger Whiteflower. And roof is a couple of recrops of an interesting roof  in Panama city, Shot from below. I really struggled with how to crop this roof as on onw hand there were a lot of abstract lines and some competing elements. I would love feedback on any of the photos…


Piano redo




had the fine luck of having someone willing to dress up For me and pose!! i thought the lines around this window were interesting and I think help draw the eye to the subject. I tried a number of different angles and liked this one the best. Would love any feedback...

Playing dress up

recropped images  (above) I am understand where you were coming from in recommendations in the second shot and it still feels like it needs a little breathing room around the subject but I shot it too tightly. 

Framing my subject - I shot the image below through a window looking into this room and the Mirror reflects back both the room and the window I'm shooting through,. For me this created an interesting sense of depth and framing the subject. The image above I paid attention to finding a distinct fore, mid and background.

Below are three images that I previously had taken When I had very little experience or knowledge of composition But something about them had appealed to me, and based on the principles learned in the first class I went in and re-cropped them. 

This one I cropped so the line of the shelf started two thirds into the picture and j I am curious as to what pops out for people as the subject here. And whether this composition works at all?

in both of the photographs below I cropped them so that the subject is placed along  one of the third lines. And in the one where her head is right beside the window I tried to third the third in proportions in that areA. In the subject below The background is very simple and I'm wondering if it's too simple. I paid some attention to line – the bench on which her arm is resting appeared to be a line drawing the eye towards the subject and althegovernment a sense of  foreground. Would love any feedback.


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