Orondé Jenkins

Artist, Consultant, Autodidact



Complicated/Situation (EP)

Hi all,

My name is Orondé Jenkins and I'm a singer/songwriter/producer from Chicago and based in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a new LP entitled Letters From A Hopeless Romantic, and released the Complicated/Situation EP to set it up. The EP features two songs from the album alongside two B-Sides.

Unlike most artists pursuing music, my goal isn't to become famous. I'm recording this album for two reasons: it's therapeutic, and I'm using myself as a guinea pig.

My ideal career would be to (1) write/produce songs that affect the world the same way songwriters like Smokey Robinson, the Gershwin brothers and John Mayer affected mine, (2) pursue synch placements, (3) build a decent music supervision career, and (4) create spaces and opportunities for aspiring artists to develop their talents. A lot of people pursue music for the wrong reasons, and tend to burn out. However, I find the best satisfaction in helping an artist realize their unique brilliance and take the steps to let the world know who they are.


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