Completed - One Hundred Stars

First 6 --- pencil sketched and inked with Micron pen --- slow start --- only 94 to go


I gathered a few photos from the web. I included flowers --- a starflower and a sun star --- because I see some similarities between stars and flowers, petals and rays. The idea web makes it very clear, really.



Following the idea web, I did a few more ink drawings.


The top left is based on a sheriff's badge (sheriff spelled correctly this time) and the two stars on the right are based on flowers. Next are some food stars --- based on my lunch --- bell pepper star, cucumber on cracker star, and pita chip star.


Also, the obvious but very pretty star anise, a tortilla star with jalapeno center, and a dried flower star.


I took some photos around my house and yard --- lamp, cut-outs in a terra cotta candle holder, cactus areole with spines.


I live in Texas, USA which is known as the Lone Star State. This is not why I chose the star as my object, but I'll take advantage anyway. The 5-point star is a popular motif around here. On the left is a photo of a metal star embedded in concrete. These stars are at the end of many of the sidewalks in the town where I live.  I like the lines surrounding the star that are cut into the concrete. In the middle is an up close photo of a terra cotta brick with a star imprinted in the center. The image on the right is a colored pencil rubbing of the middle star.


Two shiny paper stars and a fabric star. I was thinking of the "luminous sphere" from my idea web for the middle one.


Some cut paper stars. I rarely do anything in 3-dimensions, so these were a surprise. I'm quite happy with how they turned out. The last two are photos of the same star but the results are so different, I included them both.



More paper stars. I was told the third one looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas version of a star.


A took a photo of a star with lights at a bar (on left) then did some photoshop work to make the lights flare (middle) then tried out an alternate blending version without the lights (right) which looks like bullet hole riddled metal to me. 


Stars made with acrylic paint. I'm not that happy with any of these. Acrylic paint tends to feel kind of cumbersome to me. I like the shape of the whirling star on the left.


More drawn stars, the colors are acrylic inks. The middle star is inspired by cactus spines (see above photo).


Adobe Illustrator stars.


Quilt inspired stars. I made the cloth one but it felt too time consuming to make more. I like it though.


More quilting stars except for the center which looks more like a flower. Fifty-five stars so far. I am having somewhat of an energy dip rather that a creative dip. I still have some ideas.


Another inked quilt star and two collaged star. I like the red one in particular.


The following are three photos taken around town. The middle star is from a cut metal sign. The other two are taken from a tile entryway to a downtown building. They are reminiscent of the quilt patterns.


These are three stars found and assembled from my sewing supplies. I really like the middle one made from a button and pins.


Here are three gouache paintings. Ends up I like painting with gouache way more than I do acrylic. It flows better. The first is a piñata star and the last is based on an eye of god ornament.


I did the scribbled star on the left which made me think of spirographs. I happened to have one. The middle image is the stacked gears and on the right is a spirograph drawing taken into Photoshop and filled with white on a colored background. I probably could have made 100 spirograph stars. Oh well.


Next is a cactus photographed from above (the spines making star patterns) and a star shaped candle snuffer from my house. On the right is a photograph I took of several tea candles laid out in a star pattern with Photoshop motion blurs on top like I did with the blue bar star. They don't look much like candles anymore, but I like the effect.


I really like the pictures below although I don't know how much they look like stars. The stick shapes made me think of ink blown with a straw so I did the image on the right.


Finally I did some type based images. I found these difficult to come up with for some reason. The top one uses the same photoshop effects as with the bar star and the candles. I wanted it to look a lighted sign. The one below that I think is really boring but I kept it in. These bring me to 81 stars. Yay.


Molasses and butternut squash. More food and a few sticks. 


It may be an act of desperation---twisty tie stars.


And some Photoshop stars which could possibly have all been more easily done in Illustrator. Ten more to go.


On the last ten I decided to go back to drawing mostly as that is my usual way of working.


The middle image of the starfish is from a picture I did a long time ago. I didn't have the actual starfish anymore so I went ahead and used this. The picture was made with acrylic inks, colored pencil, and collage.


I was going to use hand prints of the middle image but I decided it was too messy so I went with cut paper. I'm pretty happy with the results. The image on the left is based on the cactus photo I showed earlier. The spine patterns made a star of stars.


And finally I decided to do an homage to Van Gogh's starry night. Made with acrylic and not really like the original but you get the idea. I liked using the acrylic in this context---a more painterly fashion. I don't like using it if there are details.


Whoo! One hundred stars. This has been such an interesting and fun project. It ends up that I maybe like constructing and assembling more than I like drawing. I didn't really see that coming and I don't know how that might manifest in my work. Thanks Faye. This was a great idea.


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