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Completed Class Project

I am a beginner at watercolor and before taking this class I was really struggling with basics like how to control water, brush strokes and color mixing. Through the class activities I think I've really gotten a good idea of how my paints work and I am so happy with the results I've gotten. Thank you Ana Victoria for making watercolor so fun and approachable! I loved this class!

Here's my first attempts at transparencies and gradients. I was actually too lazy to do them the way taught here (by slowly adding paint to clear water) and instead used a technique I've seen before of starting with really concentrated paint and gradually watering it down. I wasn't as happy with the results. The gradients on the top page were okay, but I think I was making them too short to transition smoothly between tones. So I tried them again after some more practice and was happier with that second page.


Here's another attempt at transparencies, using the method Ana Victoria teaches in class. The results are much better, with much clearer distinction between tones.


Below are some pulse and precision exercises. I did these many times, as I found them fun but challenging. I still am struggling with getting my lines fine and straight enough and I really had a hard time with the circles. Perhaps a better brush would help? I don't know. I'll keep working on this.


Next are my monochrome activities. I did it twice, just doing a simple flower like Ana Victoria.



I had fun with the experiments lesson. I used a combination of my tube paints, india inks (white, black, gold and teal), two different kinds of salt, and bleach. I am just ordered some liquid watercolors so I am looking forward to trying this activity again once they arrive just to play around. Also, I only had splashless bleach and I don't feel like it worked as well as regular bleach might.


I did the jellyfish activity twice also. Here's my first attempt. I was not happy with the colors. I realized that my jellyfish lacked depth because I didn't make the insides darker than the caps. I also didn't like the tentacles-my lines were too short and thick and too squiggly. I didn't even bother adding any details.


Here's my second try. I got a bigger sheet of paper and paid closer attention to the colors. This one is much better!


Lastly is my galaxy! (with a few detail shots because I just can't help myself :) I have to be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this final project. I have seen galaxy paintings before and didn't really understand the appeal. Plus, I thought they seemed way to hard to get right. But I was wrong--it was so fun to paint! Very zen as I just kept adding layers of paint. When I was done, I was worried my colors were too dark and that it just looked like blobs, but once I added white details with india ink it really came together. I also added a few details with gold. It was hard to stop looking at it, it's so mezmerizing!




Anyway, if you made it all the way down here, kudos to you! Thanks for looking at my projects. I loved this class and can't wait to paint more galaxies. I will definitely be taking any class Ana Victoria offers in the future.


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