Complete Transformation Phase Two

By many standards, I am already a success story of fitness.  Five years ago I weighed 248 pounds, the heaviest I have ever recorded.  I lost a lot of weight using one of the popular programs, going all the way down to the 170-175 range.  I've managed to keep that weight ever since.

Despite this, something has always lingered in the back of my mind.  I can do better.  Thus began the initiation of Phase 2 of the transformation.  I went to the gym more often, and got stronger.  But I have been in neutral ever since.  I want to have a better standard for myself both in how my body looks and the foods I eat.

So here are my phase two goals:

  • Weight: This is not quite as important to me, but ideally I'd like to be around 165 pounds.
  • Body fat: I really want to change this.  Currently I am in the range of 20%-25%.  The goal here is 12-15%.
  • Strength: I want to be a stronger person.  The one thing I have always struggled to do is pullups.  As a kid I was always heavy, and when it was fitness test time I could never do one.  I have the able to do one or two, but I want better.  I want to be able to do five in a row.
  • Eating: Less junk, more real food that I cook myself.


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