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Compettition Keepsakes

After years of competition with my horses I have collected hundreds of award ribbons as well as many pictures.  I came up with the idea to use some of the special ribbons as "mats" around the pictures.  

Here is one of the mats:

I had spent lots of money having some special ribbons and pictures framed several years ago, but I wanted to find a way to do it myself and not spend so much money.

This one was done professionally from my specifications.

This one was done by me for a fraction of the cost of the professional one:

I had to experiment how to prepare the ribbons,  the demensions that worked best with the ribbons as well as they type of glue that worked easiest and resulted in the nicest finished product.

Several people who saw them thought they were a great idea - not only for horse competition but other sports where ribbons are awarded as well.

Some people wanted me to make some for them and so I thought about how I could make this a product I could sell.

I didn't want to get flooded with a lot of other people's ribbons and pictures so I thought it would be great to sell kits in the sizes that work, that contain all the materials and directions needed (except the ribbons and picture that are supplied by the customer).  

The kits could be with or without the frame because the "ribbon mat" is the main creative part - the customer could get their own frame as long as it met the requirements of framing 3D art.

So now I need to design the packaging for the kit.  I have come up the the name of "Competition Keepsakes".

I thought it would be good to create a website that had pictures of "Ribbon Mats" that I had created for inspiration and ideas of different ways to use the ribbons, as well as allow others to show off their creations. Probably in a blog format.

So I need a brand for the packaging that will work on the website - something with a blue ribbon.....

The packaging must be study enough to protect the cardboard mat that is used as a background to attach the ribbons, and/or a picture frame (with glass).

This kit makes it easy to save your "Competition Keepsakes".  Everything you need is in the kit (including creative ideas), you just supply the ribbons and pictures.

I think a cardboard box makes the most sense for the packaging, I would like to use recyleable material.  I was thinking about using matboard as part of the package.  The mat could then be punched out and used - recycling that part of the package in the finished frame.  (That might be a big waste of matboard, but since the ribbons are actually the "mat", perhaps the material doesn't need to be actual matboard). The bottom of the box could be used for assembling the project on - maybe with some grid already on it for measuring and heavy enough to protect a table (not everyone has a good surface for crafts!). The grid could be part of the design on the back of the package.

So I guess I could start making a mock up of the package? Would it need to be in the actual material I want to use or is it just a visual for the finished product?

If using a web page like I discussed previously, which comes first - the packaging or the copy for the web site?


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