Competitive Analysis of Career Counselors

Competitive Analysis of Career Counselors - student project

Update II:

Thanks for the feedback! I implemented some of Maria's suggestions and this is the new effort:

I added a key for the Harvey Balls, so here is the screen shot of that and the chart:

Competitive Analysis of Career Counselors - image 1 - student project

Competitive Analysis of Career Counselors - image 2 - student project



Because of Frank's analogy of showing the work of math versus just seeing the answer (great analogy), I have streamlined my sides. It really helped me focus.

Saved them as a PDF again, so I have also taken a screenshot of the Harvey Ball chart. Here's the link:

And here's the screenshot for the 8 traits comparison:

Competitive Analysis of Career Counselors - image 3 - student project

Looking forward to your feedback!


HI everyone,

I chose to do a competitve analysis for the company I do freelance blogging for. JMA is in the midst of a rebrand, but welcomed the chance to see what other people are doing. Since they are in Chicago and I am in Seattle, the slides are a little wordy and I tried to help inform rather than just present.

Her "real" competitors are CTC and CareerNav, but I wanted to have a few more, so I put in two others from Seattle, because they each did a couple things well (and some things horribly)

My questions:

1) Are the slide too wordy?

2) Is it too intense? It feels a little intense.

3) Should I say at any point that none of the sites I chose are great overall? I didn't know if that was obvious or not.

Here's the link:

It changed the theme and looks gross, but the content is there. My apologies on googledocs behalf.