Compensation Foundation

Compensation Foundation - student project

Compensation Foundation is an online survey and database collecting, sharing, and analyzing information about how cultural producers are compensated.  

As a website, it will function primarily as an interactive survey.  After survey participation, users will be directed to the organization website which will display data highlights and have information about the organization.  Data will be displayed in a number of ways, have a peer verification system, and cultural organizations will also be able to enter how they compensate the artists they work with.

Compensation Foundation is a non-profit structure that will rely on donations from individuals and foundations.  

Competitive Review (pdf) or Google Doc

There are no direct competitors for this type of site, so the three examples are examples of

1. Cultural Data Project: a cultural organization dealing with data
2. Glass Door: a salary aggregator that depends on user input
3. My Slavery Footprint: a survey website that mimics the structure of survey-before-organization website structure that is being imagined.


Compensation Foundation - image 1 - student project

Compensation Foundation - image 2 - student project

Compensation Foundation - image 3 - student project

Content Inventory Cards:

Links to related organizations, groups, websites, Papers and Reports  
Take the survey  
Answers to the survey organized by type of cultural production  
How to access the data  
Updates of news, announcements, and interesting developments (blog)  
Geographic sorting of data  
Mission Statement  
How you can help make the data better  
Explanation of the peer and payer validation systems  
Why we need to collect this information  
API Documentation  
Contact information  
Who we are  
Email Newsletter Sign up  
Social Media links  
Partner Organizations and descriptions  
Sign up for an account to save your information and share your history  
Why Organizations and Businesses should share what they pay.  
Example Visualizations  
Will my answers be anonymous?  
Facebook and Twitter Feeds  
What have people done with the data we've collected  
Institutional and Corporate Sponsors  
What we can do with additional financial support  
Why should I share what I've gotten paid?  
Our research methods  
Explanation of the term "cultural producer"  
Instructions on how individuals can donate to our organization  
Article explaining How to ask for money without turning down a job.  
Filter the data to your own specifications

If anyone wants to take a stab at my Optimal Sort:

Especially interested in freelancers, funders and researchers.