Comparision between Amazon and ebay

Comparision between Amazon and ebay - student project

Thank you for your clear and brief explanation, I appreciated how easy was the course to follow especially for beginners. So for my part, I first choose TRCO, HOLI, and ERII, the two last companies have both the same sector and TRCO in Media companies. I chose HOLI ERII to compare two companies from the same sector for the exercise, The growth of TRCO is what catched my eye,  P/E ratio for three companies are almost the same around 11, for the P/FCF it was highest for TRCO 20.63, for HOLI it was 6.37. Also compared the Payout ratio for dividends, and the most intresting one was TRCO 25.32 compared to the Industry (20.97). I choose the TRCO companies, but when I went to check their press release, I found out that they give payouts each quarter and not each trimester, I don't know if that does not change anything or I should redraw certain conclusions. I would like to have feedback, and I thank you for the good course you provided.