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Comparative Analysis between Heterosexuals and Homosexuals


Do you ever stop to wonder why heterosexuals male and females display homophobic behaviour towards Homosexuals?

It’s so ironic that they display this hatred towards homosexuals and I have seen instances where heterosexuals will accept physical closeness and not being judgemental by anyone.

Have you ever been to any sporting events, beauty contest and see when a team defeats their opponents either by scoring a goal or winning their league?

The euphoria displayed is so emotional when watching this scene, males kissing males, hugging and leaping on each other and the same euphoria is also shown in females.

In this scenario Heterosexuals are not concerned about touching and hugging as this is a way of celebrating their victory.

On observation on cultures all around the world when persons have not seen each other in a long while, they kiss on cheeks, hugs and entwining their thumbs together as a sign of greeting .The same affection is also extended to persons who graduates, wins an election/contest, gives birth to children and getting a job promotion.

In this instance Heterosexuals males and females do not show any sign of discrimination as they conceptualized that’s just a way of showing their affection and appreciation.

 Have you seen a motorcycle /motorbike with a male rider and a male pillion rider?

Looks at the close proximity that the pillion rider is to the rider, his genital is in close proximity with the rider anus. Let me assume that they are heterosexuals.

However the perception the pillion rider has is not displaying any homophobic behaviour at this time as his ulterior motive is getting a lift to his destination.

Have you just heard that your friend family member dies?

Heterosexual’s males and females will rush over to their friends’ house and comfort their friends by hugging and crying with them.

Last but not least, it’s our culture nowadays to see heterosexual males with their pants down on the hips displaying their undergarments. This could mean that they up for the invitation but they say otherwise, it’s a fashion trend. They could fool me.

Analysing the situation I come to the conclusion that male heterosexuals are not tolerant towards male homosexuals.  They are more tolerant with the female homosexuals although I am wondering what idea is popping up in their heads now.

 In summing up I don’t see the penance that male heterosexuals are handing down to the male homosexuals as heterosexuals display the same tendencies as outlined above and no one is prejudiced towards them.

So it’s imperative that person should be left to choose their lifestyle the way how they perceive it to be. As the saying goes {every man to their order}.




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