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Project Name:  CompanyPortal -

Github Code Link:

Project Overview:

I plan to create an app (MVP) for small & medium sized businesses (SME's) to keep track of company specific data like:

  • Customer contacts
  • Vendor/supplier contacts
  • Employee data
  • Procedures (business)
  • Appointments (company specific)
  • Basic Financial Reports represented by graphs

All these features will be represented by tabs on the home page and company employees can access the Web portal for information and will be able to create/delete/update information.

I hope this turns out to be a cool app for SME's.

Note:  Please post any ideas, comments and suggestions about this project.

Project Milestones Achieved as of Nov 26th, 2012:

  1. Created Rails app called CompanyPortal => rails new CompanyPortal
  2. Update Gemfile (included all gems) to be used in the app and then run => bundle install (this command installs the gems listed in the gemfile).
  3. Created StaticPages controller along with views for home, about & contact =>  rails generate controller StaticPages home about contact
  4. Point routing to home page
  5. remove public/index.html either using text editor or command line > rm public/index.htmlpoint root route to home page in config/routes.rb file > root :to => 'static_pages#home' (This points the root url localhost:3000 to home page.  Note: Also, delete > get "static_pages/home" from config/routes.rb file, as we already have root pointing to home page.
  6. Created links for about and contact page and updated config/routes.rb
  7. Installed bootstrap gem for styling
  8. Added custom.css.scss file and customized it as per my liking.

Project Milestones Achieved as of Nov 27th, 2012:

  1. Added the gem devise and ran bundle install to install the gem
  2. installed devise > rails generate devise:install and then created a user model by running >
    rails genetate devise User
  3. Completed section 5.1 (adding users) and 5.2 (Letting users sign in)

Project Milestones Achieved as of Nov 28th, 2012:


  1. Completed Sign in and Sing out video 5.3
  2. Completed Members area video 5.4
  3. Pushed code to github.

Deployed app to Heroku -

Project Milestones Achieved as of Nov 29th, 2012:


  1. Created my 1st feature called "Customer Contacts", where you can create/update/delete new customer details like name, address, phone, mobile, email, website etc...
  2. Working on other features to be launch shortly!!!!
  3. Renamed app on Heroku to
  4. Pushed code to git and deployed new feature to Heroku.

Project Milestones Achieved as of Dec 05, 2012:


  1. Created 2nd feature called employee data, to keep employee information on company portal.
  2. Added datatables to make tables look stylish
  3. Added calander for date fields, so you can select date from pop up calander, instead of typing date in the field.
  4. Created 3rd feature called Supplier contacts.

Project Milestones Acieved as of Dec 13, 2012: 

  1. I have created and completed the MVP called companyportal.   I will be deploying the remaning two features shortly.  The features are events to be represented by calander and financial charts.  


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