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Company logo

I run a small business selling art and stationery, and for ages I've wanted a rubber stamp with a logo that I could put on the back of my notecards, etc. So this class is exactly what I needed!

My inspiration is the small square seals used as artists' signatures on Japanese woodblock prints. You've probably all seen the kind of thing I mean, but here's an example:


First I sketched the name of my company, Hextrovert, on graph paper, then went over it in ink. I have kept it very simple, because I want the stamp to be small and discreet so I don't think there will be room for a lot of detail.


I don't have a scanner yet so did the scan using an iPhone app called Printy. It's very basic but it got the job done:


Next step is to clean it up in Illustrator. (I can't BELIEVE how expensive that is, so I'm using the free trial for now but will need to look into a cheaper alternative!)


Didn't need too much cleaning up! I've ordered my stamp, and also ordered a second one with the colours inverted (which will give an effect more like the Japanese seal in my reference image). Can't wait till they arrive and I can test them out!


And here's the final result. (Sorry for slightly blurry phone photo, I was in a hurry to share!) Really happy with these, they will be perfect for my products. Thanks for a great tutorial!


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