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Thank you for hosting this class. I originally signed up for this class to finally create my no drip-dip bowl, as I took the create something for a "hand-held object" as something to use in conjuntction with a hand-held object, not something that would fit in your hand. WIth that said I played around with the software and realize i do not have the expertise to create my original idea at this time (hopefully we can work on this at a later time). It is the perfect infomercial idea!

I am however, excited to make a 3D logo of my clothing company, "Scarsborough Drive" I would eventually like to create 3D printed accessories/hangags for the line as well. 

In conclusion to the introduction, Lets get started. I am looking forward to making this first piece as well as many more in the near future!

Completed 3D Scarsborough Drive Cloud Logo Stencil

Some background:

How did we get to the Iconic SbD "cloud logo"???

After thinking we had the finished logo numerous times, we kept perfecting it unitl we had what you see above. Once we saw this final version, it was like a light bulb going off for everyone involved at the same time. One of those rare times when everyone is in complete agreeance, a eureka moment!

Here is a look at how we got there:


The evolution of the logo broken down: 

At each stage of this process, we thought, ok this was it, this is the final logo. The reason for the continuous evolution of the logo was due to a constant question, was this iconic enough, could it be scaled to fit every need. We were concerned about being able to use it in all forms, from microscopic to extrmely large. Could people easily identify with it. As you can see in the earlier versions, we tried to involve an "S" in the logo to connect it with the name of the company "Scarsborough Drive". However, after staring at it, using it, putting up in different places, we realized it did not need this.  

Eventhough these are the influences that lead us to create this logo, it does not mean this it the only meaning of the logo. We continued to refine the logo to help others find their own meaning in it, to connect with the brand in their own way. 

The concpet/theme for our first collection came from our journey from VA to NY.  Although simple and maybe a little predictable, it's as real as it can get. Even if the "shock and awe" factor isnt reached in this initial offering, our prospective audience will be able to see what SbD is all about.  

"Cloud Logo" Tee - $24.99

The first piece in our collection is the "cloud logo" Tee. A basic must have piece for any t-shirt line is their logo Tee. The cloud logo (explained above) tee is represented here on a caribbean blue tee with a Royal Purple cloud. Intended to bring in some color to a t-shirt line launching in the summer. We made 100+ colorways (digitally) of the cloud logo tee and this was what stood out to us the most. 

"Tag" Tee (mens) - $24.99

Inspired by our "graffiti Tag" word mark. The word mark is represented in our collection on a dark gray tee with a white ink. This is an easy to wear, goes well with eveything, everyday piece. 

"Tag Tee" (womens) - $24.99

"The L" - $32.99

Inspired by our love/hate relationship with L train. Something we take almost everyday/spend way to much time on. This peice really captures our slogan "for those who get IT". Although when we made it, we thought almost eveyone would get it. This hasn't been the case, but those that get it, LOVE it. I have had people offer to buy it off right off my back just walking down the street. The intention for this piece was to be our gimmicky money maker tee. So far the feedback has proven us right. 

"Gizlilik" - $24.99

Gizlilik the Turkish word for stealth/confidentiality/secrecy is represented in our collection by the the piece below. A white tee with black ink represents the hustle/behind the scenes work that went into making this line and our journey from VA to NY. Although it is a good idea for a brand ot be transparent to their customers, there are certain things a brand must keep to themselves. (Like why a Turkish word if they are not Turkish?!?)

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" (back) - $29.99

The Sic Semper Tyrannis Tee represent the beginning, the starting point of this collection. The art work on the back of the Tee is barrowed from the Virginia State flag and has been redrawn to better fit our needs. Taking the VA state motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis" meaning "Dealth to Tyrants". This peice is represented in our collection on a Royal Blue Tee with White ink.

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" (front)

Pricing of the Tees: Our tees are priced to be competivie in the streetwear/urban lifestyle industry. The sweet spots for pricing tees to sell is $25, so we are trying to hover around this price.

SbD Lifestyle Shots!?!?



"Cloud Logo" Sticker - 5X2 inches

"Gizlilik" Sticker - 4x4 inches

Hangtag Front - 3.5x2 inches

Hangtag Back

What to look for in the near future...

"Be Praeying" Tee

Whats Next for SbD...

Now that I have successfully created my first 3D piece, I can see how easy and fun it will be to create accessories for the line. Look for this to be coming out in the near future.

Over the next few months our goal is to produce 5 more tees, 1 hat and 2 cut & sew pieces. These 8 items all have designs ready to go, just working on getting that ever elusive seed money.    

The website is still under construction, see it here: scarsboroughdrive.com

Also check SbD out at: Facebook.com/scarsborough, @scarsboroughDR, instagram.com/scarsboroughdrive

Good Luck to everyone!!!


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