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This is my first ever zine, although I have done projects that are somewhat similar to a zine.When I was 14 years old I was an avid magazine reader, (anyone remember Tiger Beat?) and used to do collages all the time as binder covers for classes. 

But for this project, I thought I'd illustrate the zine. I was watching the class videos while I was on the skytrain to work and decided that I would illustrate 6 commuters on my commute the following day.

It's not the best illustrations but I kind of wanted to make the zine in one go without having too much time to think and change things. I wanted it to be genuine to what some of the different people that I commute with everyday. 

I really enjoyed this class and think I will continue to do zines. Although I may not do them on the skytrain as much, the bumpy train rides made it hard to draw! But it did spark up a lot of conversations with my fellow commuters! 

Thanks for checking out my project, hope you enjoyed it! :)







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