Morgan Province

Training & Development Specialist



Commute Visual Representation

This was one of the best classes I have ever taken, definitely the best online!


First I just sketched my drive time throughout the week (I really only choose one mode of transportation).


When prompted, I tried to draw a simple map from home to work. I am terrible with directions, so I know it is not accurate - but it was fun. Trust the process!



Then I created a map from home to work. Next I mind mapped the commute.


When prompted by Catherine, I did consider all of my options, and the time and money involved with all options. (Oops for Christmas colors.)


Using the previous modes (plus taxi), I made a scatter plot based on cost + time for each mode.

9dbeccebSo fun! The point Catherine made at the end of the class was a great one. You do not need a ton of data or research to create a visually appealing representation; you can use your experience to share a story.


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