Community Development Consulting Practice

I am a consultant in Community Development in Chicago for large startups, individual clients as well as smaller organizations. I'm also on the board of an alternative master's program from the creator of the Leapyear Project. I am one of the most knowledgable consultants inCommunity Development in the Chicago area. 

Community Developement is a broad term for building a user community around a brand, developing evangelists through activities, events, and engaging users. 
The user communities I develop for businesses set the stage for meaningful relationships to form between users and for amazing experiences and stories to be created. Community Development helps a business by creating long-term brand loyalty, providing intelligence to the business, providing free promotion through user referrals and buzz, saving money, and fostering brand values and meaning.

My blog is here: http://drewnoble.blogspot.com/ which I update once every couple of weeks or so. 

These are taglines that went through my brain: 

Creating, growing, engaging. 

Creating meaningful relationships, one brand at a time. 


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