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Community Arts Catalyst

Resilient arts organizations build vibrant, creative communities. Yet, many underdeveloped volunteer run arts organizations need additional skills and resources to fulfill their role as partners in the community.  The Community Arts Catalyst project will develop a capacity building business model through management of emerging volunteer run 501c3 non-profit organizations. The project will establish capacity building strategies in marketing, development. executive leadership, comprehensive Board of Trustees practices, diverse financial resources, volunteer recruitment, communication policies and collaborative community partnerships. 

In the short-term, the Community Arts Catalyst project will enhance the overall artistic, educational and cultural value of community arts organizations, and help them establish a strong infrastructure for one fiscal year. In the long-term, the project will serve as a regional learning model for capacity building to strengthen arts management and operations of other underdeveloped cultural organizations. It will enable the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council (ECRAC) to broaden its role in the community and ensure a resilient, sustainable and innovative arts culture.

Outcome and Measurements

The Community Arts Catalyst project will achieve two immediate outcomes. By securing the future of community arts organizations, the project addresses livability and strengthening communities through its philosophy of community engagement in placemaking and collective vision of community arts.

The project also addresses learning that enables participants to acquire knowledge or skills in the arts. The primary goal of Community Arts Catalyst is to develop arts marketing and management skills that will contribute to the regional body of knowledge on non-profit capacity building. While knowledge and skill in creation is one aspect of learning in the arts, so is acquiring non-profit arts management knowledge that strengthens an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Target Population

Our primary target population is Eau Claire County, population 162,657. Within the county, we will have special initiatives to encourage children, educators and culturally underserved community members to participate in artist receptions, lifelong learning activities and community supported arts events.

Our second target audience is out-of-area visitors. We anticipate 200,000 overnight leisure participants will enjoy arts events in Eau Claire over 11 month period. The third target population will be the underdeveloped arts organizations who will benefit long-term from the capacity building business model produced by the project.


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