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Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

This project is going to lead a small group of young adults through a 15 minute interactive presentation including activities that get the participants out of their seats and practicing live communication and conflict resolution tactics.

I ended up coming up with a quick activity where one participant will look at a drawing of this spider type drawing and describe it to the class. The class will then have to draw what the volunteer is describing. Because there are a lot of little details, the idea will be everyone will have slightly different drawings. This will kick off the conversation about how communication isn't so black and white. This part is not on the slides but I included a video about how exhausting communication can be these days with all the different medias. 


My Audience:

A class of 7 graduate students in a leadership and training development class. We are all from different leadership backgrounds some with very little previous knowledge some with a lot of leadership experience. 

The problem:

Being able to learn skills the develop better communication and conflict resolution skills.

How can you help:

I created a few slides that discuss key points in the chapter of our text book mixed with an activity based on listening and bettering communication and a video about difficult communication problems that arise. The idea is to create a conversation with the group to brainstorm new ideas of using successful skills to create better communication for their specic type of leadership. 


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