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Commitment Freak

My creativity is stifled these days by my frustration with my scattered brain and life. So my photo is a lame symbol of all the things I want but can't seem to accomplish or obtain. 

I signed up for this class because I have so much that I want to do but can't seem to get any of it done. I am an ideas person, I love the front end of a project, I love brainstorming and I am always super pumped about a new idea. Then I lose steam and am distracted by my next great idea. And then I get frustrated with myself and just stop trying because I don't think I will finish anything.

 Example:  I haven't finished my first skill share class I signed up for six months ago, (to be fair it's freaking long on web design and I knew nothing about that) and today I added four more. (However, I have sucessfully designed a website template on my own so not a total loss.)

 I work pretty independently, don't have set hours and don't really have much to do when things aren't busy, which sounds like a dream job but is actually really difficult for someone like me, who thrives on deadlines, excitement and busyness. I also am so easily distracted. Though social media is very useful for my job, it is also a huge time suck and I can easily waste away hours reading online about things that have nothing to do with my job.

To keep myself occupied and to make more cash, I am starting an affliate company to expand my services. But I get easily discouraged, don't have goals and feel overwhelmed when I just don't know what to do next. I'm frustrated by my lack of income and poor money management

And then I just want to leave it all and go to law school, because that's the way to get rid of my debt! (sarcasm.) 

What I am hoping for in this class is to develop a disciplined approach to my work and to set goals that enable me to start and finish projects, such as taking courses to expand my skill set and going after business leads. I also need to learn to manage my personal finances better and stay on top of my responsiblities. 

I am starting at a "meh" in most of the categories of the diagnostic quiz, and more than 40k emails in my Gmail inbox. Yikes.


So I completed the first lesson and my gmail inbox is down to under 600. The extra resources are really great too and I love the Spotify play list, perfect music for getting in the zone.

I bought a subscription to mailstorm to help clear my inbox. I am using Any.DO and have about 50 things listed. I think that number will increase as I look around my house and office. I have actually been really absorbed in cleaning out my email inbox and setting up my other inboxes that I haven't wasted time on social media all day! Wow!  


I really want to change the name of my project to "Out of Focus" because that seems to be a huge part of my problem. I can hyper concentrate for awhile, and then I am distracted by something else. Even in closing my loops, I get off track, wanting to read old emails or researching every tool that is suggested.

But I'm stickign with my original project and photo, because tomorrow I will probably wake up with a new idea, making "Commitment Freak" even more appropriate.


So I hit a wall in phase 2. First of all, I don't have a Mac so I am not using Things and the task manager I used,, doesn't have the projects and area option.  And I thought I have evernote and everything is put into notebooks, I don't feel like it is organized because I don't have a clear list of projects/areas for my tasks. I don't really want to start over with a new app or pay for one, but that may be my best option. I can get lost in details (partly why finishing anything is hard for me) so that's where I feel like I am right now.  


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