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Commentary on UNCD's effectiveness in achieving Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear disarmament is one of, if not the biggest threat we face today. With almost half a century of stalemate in the quest for nuclear disarmament, the continued devastation in Syria alongside the hopes held in Iran's negotiations brings urgency to the international stage once more. This is a threat that doesn't discriminate between borders and yet the decisions surrounding disarmament is guarded by nation-states that maintain nuclear power as the ultimate means of ensuring security. Grumblings over our fate being held at the whim of fickle fear mongering countries fuelled by an illusive race for power and a narrow understanding of security need to overcome distrust and be open to genuine cooperation.

Definitions of security need to be redefined from the narrow perspective offered by realism which continues to derail the precious progress needed to achieve nuclear disarmament. 

With a change of perception comes a change of people pushing the agenda forward. The question then lies on whether the UNCD will maintain legitimacy to lead the world at the helm of the steering wheel or whether new actors will emerge from the ashes of failed negotiations witnessed in the past few decades.


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