Coming out of her shell | Skillshare Projects

Coming out of her shell

My take on the before and after theme was to look at the idea of 'coming out of your shell.' The girl is on the cusp of something new. This was a steep learning curve for me. I learnt a huge amount about Photoshop. Most of my effort was put into understanding the techniques and trying to apply them. The image I produced was really quite different from what I had in my head. You can see much more of the original sketch than I wanted but it really didn't seem to work well without it. I loved the class and will definitely explore these techniques further. Here are my notes and sketches.

Having learnt a bit more about using textures in photshop I went back in and changed the texture under the sand. I'm pretty happy with this image and having alot of fun experimenting with my new photoshop skills. Spent this morning raving about this class to my cafe drawing group .



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