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Jessie Svet

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Coming face to face with Wolverine

When I started down the road of re-learning how to draw, I never thought it would bring me face to face with Wolverine, but here we are! This was truthfully the longest I have ever looked at one image of wolverine. I was never a comic book kid, but after this exercise I kind of like him :) 


I really enjoyed this class and the opportunity to fast sketch, or draw a wide variety of action scenes as quickly as possible. It really allows you to feel the motion that you're trying to convey. I'm only on my second drawing course, but I could really feel that this one was bringing a whole new dimension to my hand's ability and also the way that I approach the thing that I want to draw. It really felt like I was moving from 2D to 3D and it was the first time I felt that I had any dimension in my drawing! 

Successful step on a very long road towards becoming a better illustrator :) 


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