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Coming Up With an Idea

I came up with three Ideas i'd like to know what do ou think about them.

Terror Holyday With my Girlfriend
Some years ago my girlfriend and I decided to go on a short Weekend vacation to relax and spend some time together. We chose a little cabin 2 hours away form the city on the countryside, it was beautiful place sorrounded by nature. Later that night as we were going to sleep, she started getting paranoic about the place and the strange noises that we were hearing. Of course i tried to calm her down and told her that some noises were wild animals or little crickets and that there was nothing  to worry about.
That wasnt enough for her and she started to think about how alone and isolated we were and that anyone could come into the cabin and that the nearest police station was like 40 kilometres away.
After discussio¡ng how unlikely that could be i managed to calm her down and she fell asleep. However I was the one that couldn't sleep thinking about all the scary stuff she was paranoic about.

Meeting the Parents
I was invited to play football (soccer) on my girlfriend's family reunion and I had just met my girlfriend's dad.
I studied abroad so i had just arrived to my city some days ago. My city is located 2800 metres above the sea, that's pretty high and it takes some time to the body to adapt to those conditions in order to have a decent performance in sports. In addition I must say that I'm not atheltic at all.Long story short the football match started and I was on my girlfriend's dad team i made a fool of myself couse a couldn't even run.

Ecuadorian Origins
I'm from Ecuador and I'm proud of it. However as i traveled across the World i realized that nobody knows exactly where Ecuador is, or even if it is a country at all.
I do alwas get questions like: do you live in the mittle of the jungle? or Do you know what internet is?
Even in latinamerican (neighbour )countries i get some of these questions and theories about my origins.
The idea is to get some of these stories and show how frustrated i get about it.

Please tell me what you think! Feedback is really helpful


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