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I had some previous expereince inking as I am currently making a web comic called Deth Bunny about a hardened warrior barabarian that happens to be a rabbit and his diemboied viking head side kicks. I follow Yuko on facebook and decided to check the class out when I saw it. Many of the techniques I was already aware of, but it always helps to get alook into the process of smeone who is master at their craft. this is the process of one page of my comic from thumbs to finished art work. Also a couple fo the various sketches I used to try some stuff out.

here were my pencils

Here are the final inks

done with windsor newton series seven sizes 2 & 0, and blackstar hi carb ink on 100# bristol 12x 18.

I also have a prety awesome japenese brush pen that I messed around with while i watched the classes. I used it to ink some old sketches I had.

Heres one.

uh, yeah. I draw rabbits alot.


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