Comic: Planning Time for Art

Comic: Planning Time for Art - student project

I decided to combine this course with the first that we did as part of this Workshop, and draw my project into the "Draw Your Day" sketchbook that I started with the 1st course. 


I wasn't really in the mood to express something emotionally painful, so I went for a comic which pretty much sums up whatever happens whenever I try to schedule art time. 


This is what I wrote:


Whenever I try to save some time for art...

Left panel, looking at agenda:

"I will schedule plenty of artistic activities this week."

Right panel, looking at emails:

"How much time do you think it would take to..."

"Do you still have availability to do something for me..."

"Are you done with the 50 files I sent yesterday?"

"Yesterday's file is perfect, I'm sending you two more for today :)"

"It's very urgent, I have a problem and we need to fix it fast!"



Comic: Planning Time for Art - image 1 - student project


 Annnnddddd there goes art time. But I'm getting better and better at respecting my art time!