Com Truise

Com Truise - student project


My Name is Nathan Kaszuba. I chose to do my poster on Com Truise. I fell in love with his music about a year ago. What surprised me when I was doing my research was that he is an art director turned musician. His music has an 80’s synth sound. The overall theme of his album art consists of old technology, abstract shapes, and glowing lazer lines. I chose his concert at the Eldorado cocktail lounge in San Diego because the venue has a distinct personality to it. The venue has a western theme. The building is decorated with old chandeliers and paintings.

One of his music videos:

Album covers:

Com Truise - image 1 - student project


Com Truise - image 2 - student project


Com Truise - image 3 - student project

I really like the style and colors of this music video by Kill the Noise:


Com Truise - image 4 - student project

I wanted to tie in both the venue and the artist into my concepts. Instead of using a computer or a speaker I decided to use a phonograph because it fits into the vintage theme of the venue. I wanted to make it look like a glowing gridded 3D model. I also wanted to include abstract shapes in the background.

Com Truise - image 5 - student project

In this second sketch I used a buffalo head, which is iconic to the venue. The use a buffalo skull in their logo and have a head hanging on the wall of the lounge. I wanted to make the head mechanical, angular, and machine-like. 


Com Truise - image 6 - student project

I decided to pursue the futuristic gramophone concept and continue the theme of combining old and new. I want the header type to have a metallic look and glow. The poster will be decorated with flourishes that look like parts of a circuit board. I want the poster to have a techy futuristic look, but still have a slight elegance to it.

Com Truise - image 7 - student project


Com Truise - image 8 - student project

Com Truise - image 9 - student project

I jumped into photoshop and played around with lighting effects and color to figure out the aesthetics of the poster. 

ROUND 4:  March 2nd 

Com Truise - image 10 - student project

I just want to tighten up a few things and fix the details, but for the most part it is finished.