Columbia Yak Attack Gear Swap

This is an idea for a local gear swap site for friends. We will be able to upload photos and descriptions of gear we are willing to swap/loan to others in the area on this site.

As of right now, it is an idea... I am going to see if I can make my project in this class a working model to improve upon. If I can pull it off, it might be something my kayaking friends and I can really use since we are always asking about gear anyway.

I imagine it will eventually have the ability to show if the gear is currently loaned out and maybe even who has it. This would help in remembering who you loaned your gear to and how long they have had it.

There are so many ways this could be improved upon, but right now I am going to concentrate on the basics of posting images and descriptions of gear available.

Heroku: http://stormy-cliffs-9054.herokuapp.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/Ctrl-R/omrails

Home Screen of Gear Swap App

Here are some more screenshots of my project as it is today, 4/9/2013: Picasa Gear Swap Album

I have managed to implement all of the features I have mentioned here, and even a few extras! This has really been a great class, I have learned so much about Ruby on Rails in the past month! I haven't really gotten much feedback from anyone, so any comments and critiques are greatly welcomed.

I am also working on an app for the company I work for using the skills I have learned here which will allow our mechanic to keep track of repairs and maintenance service on our equipment. That project is going great as well! I still have a lot of features to implement, but it is already capable of tracking the equipment and services done to each piece of equipment.

Here is a link to some screenshots of that app: HLS Equipment Tracker


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