Colours - student project

Colours - image 1 - student project

There's not enough colourful items in my house but did somehow managed to piece together something presentable.

It is fun and invigorating running around my home in search for objects for an art project rather than other chores or activities. I don't think I'm very sensitive to colours but it's a good start.

Colours - image 2 - student project

So I explored with Procreate with sketching out a composition then with its different mark makings. Finally edit on VSCO. It might be the case that most things are subtle except for what needs to pop has to pop, then final touches to balance the overall effect.

 Colours - image 3 - student project

I enjoyed this project a lot. Having a framework of line works as a base, experimenting with different colours on top of it is fun.

Colours - image 4 - student projectColours - image 5 - student projectColours - image 6 - student project