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Colouring page weekend challenge

Colouring page weekend challenge.

Here is my second colouring page as I have also uploaded one to Bonnie's 1st class. I had no idea how easy it would be to convert an existing piece of artwork into a colouring page!


Holiday Challenge.

Here is my submission for Bonnie's Hoilday Challenge!

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!!!


My project inspiration came from a beautiful rose that we brought in from the garden. The smell that lingers throughout our house is exquisite and with it childhood memories of hot summer days that seemed to last forever!

A favourite hobby of mine when I was a child and now in turn, my daughter's, is to pick petals and make them into a perfume potion. Then transfer them to a beautiful vintage bottle to enjoy all summer long!


I began my journey with sketches and watercolour paintings of beautiful flowers. Roses are a focal point and I hope to produce a simple coordinate using their petals. Nostagia is something I will use as an important theme throughout.

Here are some of my intial line drawings.


As well as sketching and painting my flowers, I took photos that I was able to manipulate in illustrator. I found out (as I am new to illustrator) that its not so easy to digitalize paintings and I was surprised at the amount of lines throughout my images! On my moodboard there is an example of a rose I used that was hand-painted.

I have struggled to use the shape unite on the .ai CC. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'm glad I've mastered the smooth tool now. (I was trying to smooth an unselected area before!).

I began by adding a summer sky blue to my colour palette!


As I had quite a few images and ideas for other patterns I got to work on my hero design straight away! Here it is though I may tweek it some more yet!


I really love the theme of collecting petals to make perfume and trying to create a fragrant and fresh pattern.

My 2nd design incorporated vintage bottles, vases and flowers. I have scattered the rose petals as I'm hoping to do a simple repeat of petals alone.


I have decided to go straight onto the simple patterns next as I had a clear idea of what I wanted to acheive. With the theme of a very fragrant collection and wanted to design a rose petal polka dot and a stripe using lavender stems in some way.

Here is what I've done so far though I may add to them to make sure they're perfect! Maybe they need a flash of colour or a ladybird?


The rose petal design is quite abstract but I like the simplisticity of this and enjoyed creating a little shadow!



My 2nd hero pattern.


Pattern number 3, "Falling Petals".


The Scent of Summer Collection of six patterns and mockups.



.....and all done for the intial deadline!!

I have added names to the six patterns and created a better arrangement to show them off!



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