Colouring book

Colouring book - student project

Hi! I found this an easy to follow class. (I'm that Procreate noob, who couldn't even produce a decent monster in your other class. So the fact that I'm able to draw something recognisable in Procreate, at all, is pretty great. ^^; )

It helped a lot that you explained how to set up the brushes! And the trick with the coloured lines is very cool, too!

I feel woefully inadequate when starting something of this kind, though. How do you come up with ideas of all these patterns and bits and bobs you put in? Is there a trick to it or something you can study somewhere/somehow?

Also, something else: when you actually make a colouring book, like for sale, wouldn't it be a good idea to make vector graphics instead? (Also asking because you have classes in using vector programmes.)