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Kristy Boisvert

Illustrator and Art Teacher



Colouring! Level Up Your Adult Colouring Game (My First Skillshare Class!)

Hello! My name is Kristy! I'm an illustrator/art teacher and lately the coolest thing I've been working on is creating colouring books. Which, is why I decided to do a short lesson on colouring, a little bit of colour theory but, mostly it will be about maximizing the range of colours and tones my students can achieve with a regular set of pencil crayons!

Skill Level: This class is definitely beginner friendly, for anyone who loves to colour!

Class Title: Colouring! Level Up Your Adult Colouring Game

Project Description: Students will be asked to colour-in one of the colouring pages provided using all of the techniques we learned in the class. 

Learning Activities/Techniques:

  1. Materials, choosing the paper and pencil crayons that work for you
  2. Choosing a colour scheme or palette
  3. Control, line and shading
  4. Layering and blending colours
  5. Textures and patterns
  6. Eraser as a drawing tool


  • Paper (28lb or cardstock)
  • Pencil crayons
  • Eraser (Tuff Stuff)

Alrighty! Here is my video outline, I hope this link works.


Okay I'll admit it, I was super nervous about finally sitting down and filming this video but now that it's done I realize that I actually kind of enjoyed the process. Let me know what you think!!

UGH! Uploading is so slooooowwwww, I've been at it for two days! I thought I would have plenty of time but now I'm down to the wire. Fingers crossed.


Well my fellow skillshare lovelies, I didn't make it before the deadline but I'm still super psyched to have my class published and ready to have students enrolled!! Thanks for all the support and feedback.

Enroll if you can!!

You're AWESOME!!


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