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Ex. 1: Wow, tough, and some persistence needed. But I think I did well. As a lefty its hard to work from left to right, so I did a right to left. The lines in a circle, I couldn't do it in one stroke, I needed 2 at least.


Ex. 2: Floral in one purple colour, different gradients. Turned out fine


(These are all my experimental materials, Rembrant watercolours, Talens school water colour, Ecoline (liquid watercoulours) from Talens, also white Ecoline, east-indie ink, acrylic silver and bronze, salt, bleach, nailpolish remover, baking soda, pippets and more)


Ex. 3: Lots of experiments, I even tried some new one's after searching the net. Alcohol, or better nailpolish remover, also gives some very nice results.


Ex. 4. The Jellyfish turned out nice. I didn't like the way the white acrilic paint worked, but then I found my liquid watercolours (didn't realize it were watercolours, because they are called Ecoline in Dutch, nothing with water mentioned) and it there was a little pot of white!!! Should have gone investigating them earlier. That looked much better, wished I could erase the acrylic paint...  

Maybe I'll try another version later. But first... in to the galaxy!!!



Ex. 5: The Galaxy, started, I'm scared to work with the white ink. But its to dark here now, hopefully next saturday.


Ex. 5.b: Ok, I worked with the white ink, and I'm not happy with it. I do not know why really, but the result doesn't feel good. I have been looking at other student results and Ana Victoria's, and found that some were mader with bigger "splashes". I got so occupied with the salt and bleach and stuff I forgot to look at the big picture. 
For now I will post it, but I feel like making some more.

Thank you Ana Victoria for putting this course online. I really loved it, learned a lot, and will play with it in the future.


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